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Oprah Changes Fan’s Cracked Phone After Mocking Him



Oprah Winfrey changes fan cracked phone

Oprah Winfrey Changes Fan’s Cracked

Oprah Winfrey was on her way Atlanta’s Morehouse College where she was going to be honored by the Oprah Winfrey Scholars, those who were previously awarded a scholarship fund since it’s launch in 1989.

She bumped into two freshmen students namely Zachariah Smith and Olufemi Yessoufou. As reported by ET, the two young men ran alongside Oprah’s car and caught up with her to squeeze in a convo and a selfie.

Oprah, who was in a playful mood, ended up poking fun at one of the men Olufemi Yessoufou over his cracked phone.

“Hey Oprah,” he says in the video before Oprah responds, “Hey, that’s me.” After spotting a crack in his phone, she joked, “That’s me in your cracked phone.”

“She showed us that she’s one of us,” he told Buzzfeed. “That’s a joke me or one of my brothers would have made to each other.”

It appears she didn’t just mocked him, she later gifted him a new IPhone. Yessoufou explained that someone from Oprah’s team ended up reaching out to him via DM telling him that she wanted to get him a new phone because of the crack.


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