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Nicole Murphy Dragged For Explaining Antoine Faqua’s Kiss To Wendy Williams



Nicole Murphy Blasted After Explaining Kissing Antoine Faqua To Wendy Williams 

Nicole Murphy was on Wendy Williams show yesterday where she publicly issued an apology to Lela Rochon after paparazzi caught her kissing Lela’s husband Antoine Faqua during a sidechick vacation.
Initially, Nicole apologized saying they were mere family friends and the kissing was just a peck.

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Wendy Williams confronted Nicole Murphy who was on the show to promote her business. Wendy scolded her for cheating with Lela Rochon’s husband Antoine Faqua and forced her to address the photos of them that went viral.
Nicole Murphy tried to avoid the isssue, she said the picture was taken at a “moment in time.”
She also defended herself on the talk show. saying that she wishes she had made a better judgment call, but social media wasn’t exactly buying her explanation of the whole thing.

Just after the interview, fans have been dragging Nicole Murphy on twitter for bringing up the topic again and trying to defend herself. 
Talks have intensified. Despite Murphy expressing regret, the general public is still not satisfied with her. A fan said “So why did Nicole Murphy go on Wendy with that half ass story? She was better off being quiet.” 

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“Nicole Murphy really tried to blame social media for why she kissed a married man.” Another fired. See more reactions below :

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