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Michael Jackson Wore Tape On His Nose To Manipulate Press & For Clout



Michael Jackson’s Bodyguard Says He Wore Tape And Mask To Manipulate The Press 

We reported earlier that Michael Jackson’s bodyguard Matt Fides has react to the ongoing allegations levelled against the King of Pop.
According to Matt, the pedophile accusations are just nonsense because he had girlfriends and was married to Lisa Marie at the time.

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“He knew how to manipulate the media. He knew exactly how to get the front pages. He used to have a meeting as soon as he got to a [city].”
“90% of the time it worked, by putting a mask on his face, or sticky tape on his hands or tape on his nose was a favourite one. He would say he wanted his life to be the greatest mystery on Earth. ‘It’s backfired on him now, though, that’s the sad thing,” Fides told Metro.
He continued that Michael Jackson didn’t want the media to know if he was gay or straight because he knew the fascination would stop with the newspapers printing about him’.
He also claimed Michael, who had, and still has, a loyal following, ‘didn’t want to upset any fans’ by shattering the mystical illusion around him.
Matt who spent 10 years with the King of Pop added that “He never used to live with makeup on, back at home Michael was more about a ‘glass of wine, bottle of wine, he’d be swearing, he’d be a normal guy.”

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“He was super intelligent, couldn’t sit down and watch a movie because he’d analyse every angle, very mistake the director made.”


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