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Yung Miami Reacts To JT’s Leaked Diss Track “Y’all Wanna End City Girls So Bad”



City Girls’ Yung Miami Addresses JT’s Viral Diss Track 

It appears it’s an old video of the City Girls freestyling on a beat. While JT is still locked up in jail, Yung Miami took it upon herself to address the leaked diss track.

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JT is heard taking shots at Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, and Kash Doll, essentially discrediting each one of these women’s talent. “Cardi B? Cardi B had Love & Hip Hop to help her. We ain’t got Love & Hip Hop,” she said in the video. 
“If you keep talking, I’ma diss Cardi. I don’t mind dissing a fucking bitch.” She also downplays Nicki Minaj’s skills as an emcee and also mentions Kash Doll somewhere.

It’s weird to hear City Girls diss Cardi B while they’re both signed to the same team and considering Cardi B has been one of the major reasons for their success. According to Yung Miami they weren’t signed yet when they did the freestyle. None of the mentioned artists are yet to respond to the diss.
And this what Yung Miami has to say :
“We was playin’ around freestylin’ on a beat. We never thought nobody was finna hear that shit. We ain’t ever think we was gonna get signed. We never thought none of that,” she said on Instagram Live. “Y’all bitches aggravating as fuck. You want to end the City Girls so bad but it ain’t gonna happen.”

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Listen to her below :

Chances of them getting cancelled is quite much, but good she’s addressed the issue. Now it’s left to fans and the mentioned artists to either respond or overlook.. 
Trust we’ve got you covered if any beef escalates from this.. Winks! 
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