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My 600 Pound Life Cast Schenee, Streams Eating Contest From Hospital



Schenne Murry Streams Eating Contest From Hospital 

My 600 Pound Life cast Schenne Murry, was all over the news sometimes back when she staged an eating contest while she lay in a hospital bed, for obesity related health problems.
Now fans are overly worried Murry could harm herself from excessive eating.

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The 600 Pound Life cast member appeared on Season 6 of the TLC show, and was infamously kicked out of Dr. Nowzaradan’s weight loss program, because she didn’t take the program seriously.
Since then, Schenee has been hospitalized multiple times – for obesity related health ailments, including blood and respiratory issues. At her peak, Schenee weighted 780 pounds according to MTO.

In the video that is currently trending online, Schenee and her husband Fred filmed a 20+ minute clip of her eating hot wings from Wingstop in an “eating contest”. 
At several points throughout the video, a woman who Schenee refers to as her PCA (Patient Care Assistant) can be heard laughing and commenting off-camera.

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Watch the video below :

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