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Man Who Knocked Future’s Bodyguard Out Opens Up



Brit Who Knocked Future’s Bodyguard Out Says He Acted In Self-defense 

Video showing rapper Future’s bodyguard getting knocked out by a super punch went viral some days ago. It all went down at the international airport in Ibiza, Spain. When a group of guys approached Future for a photo which he declined.
“Not today, guys,” because he was tired and had just gotten off a long flight. That’s when the guys reportedly got mad and began hurling racial slurs and other epithets.

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Future’s bodyguard stepped in and tried to block the guys and get Future to his ride on the curb. The bodyguard reportedly fought off several of the guys before someone came from behind and sucker punched him.

There are some witnesses who are saying that the person who struck the bodyguard did so with a rock, which knocked him out cold, but I personally don’t see anything in his hand in the clip.
The video went viral with fans hailing the man who knocked out Future’s bodyguard with just a punch or maybe super punch!
Watch the video below :

The man had come out to clear the air on the issue.
Marcus gave TMZ the scoop and spilled the tea on the events which led up to the epic knockout. He explains that after seeing Future inside the Ibiza Airport, he and his friends asked the rapper for a picture.
Future responded by telling his friend “suck my d*ck” and they began arguing. The bodyguard then followed them out of the airport to nearby taxis.
“He’s calling my friend a whore. He’s saying, ‘I’ll die for Future’ all over a stupid picture we’ve asked for?” Marcus said. “He’s telling my friends to come around the corner. He’s inviting us to a fight.”
Well, there are always two sides to a story. 

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Peep the video below :

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