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Tyler The Creator Explains Why He’s No Longer A Fan Of Eminem



Tyler Insinuates Eminem Isn’t Evolving

Tyler The Creator used to be a great fan of Eminem back in the days and has on several occasions credited the Detroit rapper for his big influence on his career. Tyler made it known that he entered the rap game because of Eminem.

Although, he’s no longer a fan of Eminem’s style of music, Tyler The Creator was on Funkmaster Flex show and after delivering an impressive rap freestyle he doubled down on his opinion about Em’s music.

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Tyler The Creator criticized Eminem’s track ‘Walk on water’ back in 2017, he called the song ‘horrible’ and Eminem fired back at him on ‘Kamikaze’ calling Tyler a ‘Fagg* t’.

Em later apologized for dissing him “I realized [it was wrong] when I said it, but I was angry when I said the shit about Tyler. In my quest to hurt him, I realized that I was hurting a lot of people by saying it.”

Tyler addressed how his own music has drastically changed over the years. Switching from violent and homophobic lyrics to being open to sexuality and vulnerability. But he doesn’t see the change in Eminem.

He continued, saying that he doesn’t see much authenticity in Eminem’s music as he’s being directed by fans. He emphasised on the fact that Em has been trying to please fans. Hence, his music has been swayed by fans opinion.

Tyler explained that although he personally loved 2009’s Relapse, he could see how unfavorable critical reception led Em to switch up his sound on Recovery. He was disappointed, however, when Em accepted fans’ requests for the “old Em” on subsequent albums. “[Recovery] was like, ‘This is the aesthetic and what I wanna go with.’ And he went 100 percent with what he liked on there,” began Tyler.

“People trashed it, and he came with the Recovery shit with the pop hooks. The shit worked, and everyone gave high fives. The fans that didn’t really like it [said,] ‘I want the old Em. I want the Marshall Mathers LP Em.’ It feels like he read that, and was like, ‘Damn, you know what? Fuck, let me go back and try to rehash a moment.’ And when people go back, that is the grossest fucking thing. Move forward, get what you’re into for real.”

To further elaborate on the point he was trying to make, Tyler brought up JAY-Z’s 4:44 as an example of an OG rapper showing growth. “[It’s] an album very specific to what’s really going on in his life. And it’s a perspective that no one else could have,” said Tyler.

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“I don’t want you to be like, ‘Fuck, I’mma go back to the old shit ’cause that’s what they want. Fuck what they want, give them what you want. This is just from a fan’s perspective.”

Peep the interview below :


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