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Wiz Khalifa Shock Fans After Revealing How Much Weed He Smokes



Wiz Khalifa “I Smoke An Ounce Per Day 

in case you’re one of Joe’s millions of subscribers, you woke up today to another scene in your Podcast library that highlights none other than Wiz Khalifa. We as a whole realize that Joe Rogan smokes a blunt or two now and again, in spite of the fact that, when put within the sight of Wiz, that is light work. 

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The rapper unveils he smokes an ounce daily, in contrast with Joe’s insignificant one-joint per day. This disclosure leaves Joe and thousands of fans watching the interview in disbelief.

The unlikely pair don’t stay on the topic of marijuana and related drugs for too long though, although Wiz does reveal that Amber Rose is using CBD to help cope with her pregnancy pains.
As anyone knows if they’ve seen Wiz on Instagram this past year, the rapper has gone through quite a physical transformation. The two bond over Muay Thai discussions, talking about where and how they train, with Wiz detailing how training in Muay Thai has helped him beyond just the obvious physical aspects.

Wiz Khalifa discusses his current health protocol, which involves meal prep (for inquiring minds, he does confirm “I’m single” on the podcast, and thus there is no lady at home to cook him meals), as they delve further into fitness talk.

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Peep the video below :

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