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Cardi B Blasts Fan “Your Son Has An Alien Head B* tch”



Cardi B And A Fan Dragged Each Other On Twitter 

Cardi B got into a verbal altercation with a fan on Twitter, and Cardi B threatened the woman with brutality, and told the woman that her 2 month old baby had a “big alien head.” 

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As reported by MTO.. Everything started when a woman named Nicki was on Twitter and made remarks about Cardi’s daughter Kulture. Nicki said that she thought Kulture, “would be prettier,” however surrendered that Cardi’s daughter was “cute.” 
That caused Cardi to fly into a tirade and call the young lady’s child an “alien head.” 
For those intrigued, here is an image of Nicki’s child – who is exceptionally cute.
Here’s how it all started :

Cardi b fans twitter account relied Nikki immediately :

Cardi b won’t let her fan account alone do the job.. She fired at Nikki straight up. 
Nikki who seems ready for a war fired back also :
Cardi then went to the girls page, looked through her photos, and realized that Nicki’s babys father did not attend the baby shower. 

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Cardi then went in for the kill:

And the war continued:

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