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Blocboy JB Properties Seized By The Police



Blocboy JB Properties Said To Be From Illegal Acquisition 

Blocboy JB is broke, in the wake of being released from prison. Police caught the majority of the rappers resources, and solidified his Visas and his back records, utilizing Tennessee’s benefit relinquishment laws. 

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The rapper told fans that experts caught every one of his benefits yesterday, in no time before discharging the rapper from prison.

The Memphis rapper, genuine name James Baker, was captured and accused of gun and drug possession. This is his second capture in a quarter of a year, Memphis, Tennessee Fox partner WHBQ reports.

He was discharged yesterday on safeguard, yet not before police took every one of his advantages – utilizing Tennessee’s benefit relinquishment law. They guarantee that the rapper got all his cash from illegal exercises, to be specific drug managing. 
Here’s pics of Blocboy JB being released :

A post shared by BlocBoy JB (@blocboy_jb) on May 3, 2019 at 5:18pm PDT

The rapper was detained by deputies in Shelby County Thursday afternoon, along with several others, at a home near Shelby Drive and Forest Hill Irene Road.

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SCSO deputies said it was part of a multi-agency investigation. Authorities said 20 people were detained from the home.

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