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Michael Rapaport Blames The Media For Blindly Supporting Kodak Black



Michael Rapaport Challenges The Media 

Michael Rapaport‘s war with Kodak Black continues to wage, and this time, Rap has set his sights on the media. “A lot of you hip-hop bloggers, whatever the fuck that is,” begins Rapaport, in a vlog of sorts. 

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“Radio personalities, and hip-hop media people feel the exact same way that I do about this guy Kodak Wack, I mean, Kodak Black
But you don’t have the fuc*ing balls to say it. You’ll bring it up, and ask fans, listeners, and followers, what do ya’ll think. Why don’t you say what you think? Why don’t you speak your fuc*ing mind? You don’t do that, cause you don’t have the disruptive onions that I have.

So I have to step up to the plate to defend the name of three of the most important hip-hop ever, because you won’t fuc*ing do it? Get the fu*k out of here with your blogs, your podcast, and your bulls*it radio shows.”

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