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Oh Lawd! Couple Caught Having S* x On A Gravestone In Broad Daylight. See Photos



Graveyard Love Making 

A randy couple were caught romping on a gravestone in broad daylight. The shameless pair were filmed having sex by an appalled dog walker in the middle of a Greater Manchester church cemetery – and didn’t even stop when they noticed him.

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Scott Ellwood, 20, spotted the couple atop the 1890s headstone in full view of dozens of houses.
The man had his trousers round his ankles – and his 35-year-old blonde partner was lying on her back on top of the gravestone.
Scott filmed the explicit scenes before calling them ‘scruffy c***s’ and calling the police.
He shared the appalling footage on Facebook and was stunned when the man hit back saying he’s “not arsed”.
After the clip went viral, he commented : “Just try to have some fun in your life bro. Take a risk now and again. You will feel the buzz of being caught.“Get a life and stop perving on people having a quicky, well not that quick 45 minutes.”

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Manual labourer Scott said: “It was horrible. It was a really shocking thing to see.

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