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Jhene Aiko Reveals She Almost Died Of Addiction. “I Saw Blood” – Read All



Jhene Aiko Recounts Her Addiction Ordeal 

Jhene Aiko has now chosen to shed light on the night she thought her addiction would claim her life. Aiko uploaded a series of photos that tell her storythrough their captions.

“I thought I was going to die,” she began. “I had just spent the day at the Maui Healing Center 2 days prior and left feeling so renewed, enlightened and like i was on the right path to proper healing. 

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The next day, which was the day b4 i took this picture…i took a hike […] and visited my favorite statue of Buddha…”

Despite her seemingly healthy appearance in the photo, the previous night had ushered in a terrifying experience: “My head started pounding like never before. 

so much pain BUT i promised myself… no more pills!! EVER! […] i found myself on the bathroom floor… throwing up until i saw blood.” 

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