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Remy Ma Supports R Kelly “Rapist Don’t Eat A**” – Watch



Remy Ma Supports R Kelly

In today’s episode of the web series State of The Culture, Remy claimed thats she was not convinced that R Kelly s*xually assaulted anyone. And among her reasons was Remy’s claim that “most rapists don’t eat your a**.”

Listen to Remy (the good part starts at 35:15 

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  • She describes the sex tapes. Then says most rapists don’t eat your a** like that.
  • Says R Kelly got acquitted but still get banished and treated like he’s a monster.
  • Says the women in his dungeon weren’t complaining. Their families were.
  • Says there are 15 and 16 year olds who want to sleep with 30 year olds.
  • Says R. Kelly is allegedly illiterate so he’s not that bright.
  • Perhaps realizing she’s sounding bad, she says she’s not taking any sides. She just wants to know how you fight it.
  • Says she’s cautious of using certain words because innocent people can get convicted and acquitted people can be accused of something else and people will believe it.

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