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Michelle Williams And Fiance Never Had S3x .. They Reportedly Use Different Bedrooms



Michelle Williams And Fiance Never Had S3x

Michelle Williams announced earlier this year that she was getting married, to a controversial “Right wing” pastor named Chad Johnson. Now Dreddsworld has learned that Michelle and Chad- despite being together for more than a year – have NOT had any s*xual contact.

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The couple have both taken a celibacy vow – and have been holding out for over a year.
Now the pair are planning on filming a reality show – which shows their unusual and unorthodox life. For example, the two live together – but sleep in separate bedrooms.
And all that time without d**k may be getting to Michelle. Earlier this year she was taken to a mental hospital, to be treated for depression. She said at the time, that she felt “unloved”.
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Chad has been a controversial figure to many in the Black community. He has been coming under fire, ever since it was discovered that he was a supporter of Donald Trump, who has openly his racist policies.

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