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Young Mother Homeless With Her Children After Moving To Houston To Become An Influencer



Young Mother Homeless With Her Children After Moving To Houston To Become A Social Media Influencer

A young mother is being criticized for moving her three young children to Houston in the middle of winter to become an influencer.

While it may sound promising, becoming an influencer is not an easy task and the young mother of three is now homeless!

According to KHOU-11 news, Kiearia Jones moved her family from Tallahassee to Houston at the beginning of the new year to become a social media influencer.

“Houston has one of the biggest populations of social media influencers,” Kieara said. “That’s kind of my goal — to become a big influencer.”

She had moved her and the kids into a motel but ran out of money. When temperatures plummeted and it was no longer safe to be on the streets, Kiearia called 911. Officers took her to a warming shelter but unfortunately for Kiearia, that was the last night that shelter would be open.

“I did not know that they were closing down tomorrow,” Jones said. “That was definitely a lot to hear.” Case workers are trying their best to get Kiearia and her children back home.

Houston officials say the roads are set to re-freeze soon and it will be too dangerous to travel. Social users argue that Kiearia’s decision to move so abruptly with no plan was selfish.

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