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Finesse2Tymes Allegedly Gave Two Rappers TG Kommas & FastMoney The Same Verse



Finesse2Tymes Finessed Two Rappers By Giving Them The Same Verse

Finesse2Tymes Finessed Two Rappers By Giving Them The Same Verse

Finesse2Tymes was put on blast by a rapper after he gave two rappers the exact same verse and shot videos with them both.

Finesse gave TG a verse for his track “Can’t Pay for It” and also gave the same verse to Fastmoney Ant for his track “All I Want.”

On the tracks, Finesse raps: “Fitted cap to the left, .223 on my lap on the way to the track/ Advil bottle full of Percocet and a backpack full of pack/ Backwood hanging, Hi-Tec drankin’/ Big playa, I’m up in the ranking. Me and pops just reunited and we both fresh out the penitentiary.”

TG is angry and has called him out: “Do not spend your money with these b-tch-a-s n-ggas, mane, because they will do some flunky b-tch-a-s h-t, and then act like they so busy,”

“You one-verse having a-s, b-tch-a-s n-gga. I’m on your a*s like booty hair…At first, I was like, maybe he was loaded and made a mistake and redid my sh-t. No. You b-tch-a-s n-gga, you wasn’t loaded. You changed one line on that b-tch.”

Finesse2Tymes is yet to respond.

Couple months back, Finesse2tymes’ ex girlfriend called him out for having a bbl surgery. “My [rainbow emoji] a$$ ex going through a mental breakdown because he’s on ‘downtime’ from getting his bbl or lipo or whatever you wanna call it,” she wrote.

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