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Chrisean Rock Says She Makes $23k On Snapchat Every 4 Hours



Chrisean Rock Says She Makes $23k On Snapchat Every 4 Hours

Chrisean Rock is currently trending after revealing how much she makes on Snapchat. According to the socialite and rapper, she makes $23,000 every four hours on the platform.

Rock claims Snapchat is now paying mouthwatering amount and that’s why celebrities are going back to the platform.

But fans do not believe she’s making up to that in the space of 4 hours as they’ve been sharing their thoughts, accusing her of lying in the comments. “Lmaoo ts cap she ain’t even famous nor does she write her own shit,” a fan wrote.

Last month, Chrisean claimed Blueface set her up and punched her during kid-drop off. According to Chrisean, Blueface asked her to come over — and she listened, hoping to get some babysitting relief.

She then claims Blueface ambushed and assaulted her, striking her several times in the head. It appears he left bloody evidence all over her car and his knuckles.

As for Blueface, he claims Chrisean showed up unannounced, and claimed the baby, Chrisean Jr., was being transported without the safety of a car seat.

Rock however refused to leave Blueface’s driveway and told her followers that she was waiting for the cops to come to haul him away to jail.

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