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A 9-Year-Old Was Bullied After Bringing A Fake Stanley Cup To School



A 9-Year-Old Was Bullied After Bringing A Fake Stanley Cup To School

A nine-year-old was called out by classmates after they brought a fake Stanley cup to school, causing outrage over on TikTok as people jumped to her defense.

In a video that’s since been deleted, a mother took to TikTok, sharing an outrageous incident that involved her nine-year-old daughter.

With over 3 million views, Dayna Motycka, discusses the incident, which started with the purchase of a fake Stanley cup priced at under $10 that she thought was cute.

However, after returning after the holiday break, her daughter was upset after she was teased by all 10 classmates, who received a ‘real,’ branded Stanley cup for Christmas.

“They made sure to let her know that this is not a real Stanley, that this is fake and it’s not as cool… She asks if she can have a real Stanley,” she reveals.

“Do I think that a 9-year-old needs a Stanley?” she asks. “No. Do I have one? Yes, I have one. I don’t have 50 Stanleys in all different colors. I’m not going to Target and fighting other women or moms to try and get the new Valentine’s Day one. I have one,” Dayna continues.

The situation led her to purchase an authentic Stanley cup for her daughter to take to school. She concludes: “We have got to teach our kids to not make other kids feel inferior for not having the thing that they have. That’s it. That’s where it starts and it starts with us as parents.”

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