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Tasha K Says Ashanti Is Doing Too Much In Relationship With Nelly 



Tasha K Blasts Ashanti & Nelly’s Relationship: “Why She Doing All This?”

Tasha K recently dished out her thoughts on Ashanti and Nelly’s rekindled relationship, and she wasn’t too forgiving of the former’s lack of reciprocation. Also, the blogger believes that the singer is doing too much to please the rapper while he doesn’t do much in return.

While this is only based on what we see online, Tasha wants to see a ring ASAP. If he doesn’t catch up to her actions soon, then she believes that they’re destined to fail.

“Ashanti, y’all doing too much!” Tasha K’s rant began. “I just don’t understand why we need to see his face on a purse. If y’all together, if y’all really together, why you need to have three, four birthday parties? Why you need to buy him a car, why he need to buy you everything but a ring? And you supposed to be a high-value woman.”

She continued, “You ain’t got no kids, you still got your body together. And this man still… I still got a big belly, b***h, and I got married twice. Now, a lot of y’all- the words that be hitting only hit those holler when they say, ‘Everybody ain’t looking for marriage!’ She is, then why she doing all this?”

“Still ain’t get no ring, he ain’t surprise you with no ring. Okay, go ahead, where’s the next video, where’s it at? ‘Bought him his dream car.’ Now, mind you, when they break up, he gon’ have another b***h in the dream car. She bought it, she didn’t lease it, can’t lease those cars, this is her purchase.”

“Now, I know a lot of people are here for this couple, but let’s just cut the s**t and just make it official. Why you putting all this out? You putting everything out.”

“It seems like- I’ma be honest with you,” she concluded. “Relationships like this, they do all this s**t when they boyfriend and girlfriend. When they get married… a year later, we filing for divorce. Why?! Ashanti, just become a baby mama, at least just do that. But she’s probably scared to have kids because word is on the street that her daddy used to, like… Moving on.”

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