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Saucy Santana Willing To Fight Keke Palmer’s Baby Daddy Darius Jackson 



Saucy Santana Willing To Fight Keke Palmer's Baby Daddy Darius Jackson

Saucy Santana Willing To Fight Keke Palmer’s Baby Daddy Darius Jackson

We reported earlier that Keke Palmer filed for a restraining order from the father of her child, Darius Jackson.

In her filing, Palmer cited various instances of alleged abuse that she endured at the hands of her former partner.

She accuses him of striking her, trespassing into her home, and more. For obvious reasons, this revelation has Palmer’s fanbase up in arms. The thought of the beloved performer being the victim of any kind of violence is incredibly disturbing.

Amid the chatter, some fans have called on none other than Saucy Santana, who’s previously made it clear that he’s not afraid to throw hands.

The rapper shared a fan’s Tweet, advising him to add Darius Jackson to his “list of f*** boys to dog walk.”

Saucy Santana doesn’t appear to be opposed to the idea, responding with a laughing emoji. “So, apparently yall want me to fight Keke baby daddy,” he also wrote.

While violence is never the answer, some fans are finding comfort in the idea of Jackson getting a taste of his own alleged medicine.

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