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Potomac Housewives’ Wendy Fights Nneka Over Claims She’s From ‘Inferior’ Nigerian Tribe



Potomac Housewives Wendy Fights Nneka Over Rumors Of Being From ‘Inferior’ Nigerian Tribe

Potomac Housewives Wendy Fights Nneka Over Rumors Of Being From ‘Inferior’ Nigerian Tribe

The new season of Real Housewives of Potomac has a troubling new storyline. Real Housewives Of Potomac is all about drama – and this season they are bringing Nigerian tribal drama into the fold.

This season, Nneka Ihim, the newest cast member, and Ashley will bring up rumors that Wendy belongs to what they deem to be an “inferior” Nigerian tribe.

In the new season, Wendy is accused of being from an “inferior” caste of people within the Igbo tribe. While Black Americans often face “colorism” or racial preferences based on skin complexions, Africa’s big problem is “tribalism”(since most people are the same skin color) they use tribalism to divide Black people, giving members of one tribe preferential treatment others.


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Here’s a bit of Nigerian history, for all you wondering what the heck this is all about. The Osu caste system is a traditional practice in the Igbo tribe, and individuals known as Osu (or Igbo outcasts) have historically been socially segregated from the rest of the tribe and have been prohibited from marrying or even interacting with other members of the tribe.

Children born of Osu have also historically been mistreated, and it is tradition for members of the Osu caste to be treated as second class people.

Now some more tea. Remember all the drama between Wendy and her husband Eddie’s family – well it was, at least in part, caused by rumors of Wendy allegedly being from the Osu caste.

The rumor says that Wendy allegedly didn’t want to talk about her Osu connection, because she didn’t want her family to be looked at as very low tier in Nigeria, and Wendy is prideful.

Well Wendy is speaking out about the rumors, and has denied being part of the Osu caste. If denying her affiliation, however, Wendy offered some pretty negative feelings towards members of the Osu caste.

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