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Marines & Texas Civilians Fighting In The Street In Viral Video 



Marines & Texas Civilians Fighting In The Street In Viral Video

It gets rowdy on Sixth Street in Austin, Texas and a viral video of civilians and Marines fighting shows it.

On Sunday night, a brawl erupted after a woman appeared to snatch a phone from a Marine and flung it away while they verbally sparred.

A man in a white hoodie can be seen lunging at a Marine before the sailors intervened. Words were spat back and forth between the civilians and Marines until the man in a white hoodie threw a punch.

A brawl erupted between the groups until Texas Department of Public Safety and Austin police officers stepped in to quell the chaos.

A civilian was arrested while another chanted “U-S-A” amid the revelry. It has not yet been reported what caused the commotion or how many individuals have been detained.

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