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Keke Palmer Is Allegedly ‘Manipulative’ & Trying To Get Out Of Child Support



Darius Jackson's Friends Claim Keke Is ‘Manipulative’ & Trying To Get Out Of Child Support

Darius Jackson’s Friends Claim Keke Is ‘Manipulative’ & Trying To Get Out Of Child Support

We previously reported that Keke Palmer is asking the court for full custody of her son Leo and was granted a temporary restraining order against her baby daddy Darius Jackson. This was after she made shocking abuse claims against him.

However, people close to Darius have a different account of what went down in their relationship. They believe that Keke is manipulating facts and manufacturing her “abuse” in order to illegally evict Darius from his home (which he shares with Keke) and weasel out of paying her babys father any child support.

When Keke went to court yesterday she was armed with evidence – screenshots from a security camera in her home that showed Keke and Darius in some kind of a scuffle. Keke labeled what occurred that day as “abuse.”

Above are the screenshots that Keke’s legal team provided, which they claim shows his abuse. The screenshots showed two different occasions, with the couple struggling, and Darius seemingly trying to take something from Keke.

A close associate of Darius explained, “Keke was not being ‘abused’ by Darius in those video. He was trying to take her phone and see who she was texting, and she was fighting so that he wouldn’t get it.”

The friend admits that Darius was insecure – after the incident with Usher – and that one both of those occasions, he tried to wrestle her phone away from her …. to see who she was talking to.

But the friend claims that “when you see the full videos, you’ll see that he didn’t hit Keke, or anything like that.” Adding, “I’m not saying what he did was right, but that’s not “abuse.” The friends also claimed that Keke’s legal drama is a way to manipulate the courts, into giving her custody of Leo and evicting Darius illegally.

One friend explained, “Darius was living in that house raising Leo. That’s his home as much as it is Keke’s. Under California law she couldn’t evict him from their home. But now that she claims “abuse” and has a restraining order, he’s out of the house. That’s very convenient.“

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