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Joe Budden Breaks Silence On Cassie’s Rape Lawsuit Against Diddy



Joe Budden Speaks On Cassie’s Rape Lawsuit Against Diddy

Joe Budden has responded to fans who speculated that he would be silent about Cassie’s lawsuit against Diddy.

“Are y’all stupid? Like, let’s have a moment. Nah, for real. Y’all gon’ make me take these f-cking shades off. I’m trying to be cool, I’m trying to respect the gospel, clean version of this podcast,” he said.

“But I be wondering this, too, at home. The fans echo some of that stupid sh-t. Do y’all think podcasters are coming into work to say that domestic violence, r-pe, sex trafficking, and drugging women is right on some fronts?” Budden queried.

“Like, do y’all need anybody to say that all of those things are horrifically mortifying?” he added.

Budden and Diddy have worked together on Diddy’s Revolt network. Budden says most of the music industry is foul and there is a lot not being spoken about.

“Y’all didn’t need Joe Budden for that, right? Y’all don’t even want me for a music review. So I know that I’m not. That’s my thing, right? For as much praise I give Hov and to Puff and to Dame. Again, back to podcasters keeping some of their thoughts private and just not having to share everything. I don’t feel like I need to come in here and have word vomit about my discernment when it comes to some of the evil sh-t that goes on in the industry.”

“Nor do I think I’m the mascot and spokesperson to be the ‘deliverer’ of news for some of the evil sh-t that goes on in the industry. Some of the treacherous, some of some of the things that are made not so public. Like, I don’t think the public would react well if they knew all of the locker room behavior of football players. I don’t.”

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