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G Herbo Trolled After Failed Flirting In Dating Competition 



G Herbo Gets Roasted After Failed Flirting In Dating Competition

G Herbo Gets Roasted After Failed Flirting In Dating Competition

G Herbo recently took part in a dating competition hosted by No Luv Mar, but unfortunately, it doesn’t look like he was able to find his special someone.

The rapper chatted with various women in hopes of recruiting a partner, but ultimately decided that none of them were a match. It seems as though he learned the lesson that yelling at potential mates doesn’t typically pan out.

During the contest, one of the women approached him, asking the simple question of where he’s from. The Chicago native got pretty offended that she didn’t already know, popping off on her as a result.

“You ain’t look up nothing?” he asked. “Bye! How the f*ck you don’t know where I’m from and you talking to me… Get the f*ck on, bye!”

It looks like the rapper met his match, but not quite the kind he was looking for. The woman didn’t take kindly to his rant, firing back with a handful of quips and making it clear that she wouldn’t be tolerating his disrespect. “You could get the f*ck on!” she responded.

“How the hell am I supposed to know where the f*ck you from? Don’t nobody know about you. Ain’t nobody looking sh*t up. Fuck you, n***a. Light-skin a**. You look like Latto with your light-skin a**. Why your hairline so far back?”

Luckily for G Herbo, he may be closer than every to finding the one, as he’s recently undergone quite the makeover. The 28-year-old just secured his “million dollar smile,” stopping by the dentist to get some new veneers. Unfortunately, he’ll soon have to report to prison to serve his five-year sentence for wire fraud, which could make it tough to meet any ladies.

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