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DJ Akademiks Thinks J. Cole Is Saying He’s Better Than Drake & Kendrick Lamar 



DJ Akademiks Believes J. Cole Is Saying Drake & Kendrick Lamar Can't Out Rap Him

DJ Akademiks Believes J. Cole Is Saying Drake & Kendrick Lamar Can’t Out Rap Him

In a recent stream, Akademiks spoke at length about the recent J. Cole and Lil Yachty interview.

DJ Akademiks has been a very prominent commentator on hip-hop for many years. Although, he has had some controversial opinions that have resulted in beef with various people. However, he still continues to give his opinions, regardless.

Throughout that interview, Cole gave a lot of information. He spoke at length about his new album. Moreover, he got to explain his verse on “First Person Shooter” and what he sought to accomplish with it.

However, Akademiks was looking to read between the lines a bit. In the video down below, Akademiks gives his opinion on the verse and what he thinks Cole was trying to do. Ultimately, it all boils down to Cole wanting to be on top.

According to Akademiks, Cole is trying to tell people that he doesn’t think Drake or even Kendrick Lamar could out-rap him. The big three in hip-hop right now are Drake, Cole, and Kendrick.

Most would say Kendrick is on top, then Cole, and then Drake.

However, Cole is someone who has gone on a magnificent feature run as of late. If he were to translate that into a full album with The Fall Off, then you could argue his spot as the number-one rapper in the entire world.

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