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Diddy Allegedly Pressured Cassie To Get Br*asts Implants Then Forced The Surgeon To Take Them Out  & Redo Them One Week Post-op



Diddy Allegedly Pressured Cassie To Get Br**sts Implants Then Forced The Surgeon To Take Them Out  & Redo Them One Week Post-op

According to an anonymous source who talked exclusively with the Daily Mail, Diddy once forced Cassie to get breast implants, then turned around and forced the doctor to take them out and do it again despite warnings that it was unsafe.

The source says she was a witness to the entire ordeal involving Diddy, Cassie, and Dr. Frank Ryan, who did the breast argumentation back in 2009. The source says when Diddy and Cassie first came for the consultation, Diddy talked the entire time.

Usually, the women tell the doctor what they want and the man is just supporting, but it was obvious that Diddy had full control. He wanted Cassie’s breasts to be fuller because she was flat-chested. Cassie reportedly just sat there and allowed Diddy to make the plans.

Then the very next day after the procedure, Diddy called Dr. Ryan to express his dissatisfaction with the boob job. He claimed they were too big and they needed to be fixed now, but Dr. Ryan insisted that it was way too early to fix it and they would have to wait 6 months. Diddy said it needed to be fixed now despite Cassie being noticeably still in pain from the surgery.

“To me, watching this, it was just so cruel, so horrible. She was treated like a rat. It was literally like her voice was snatched and there was nothing she could do, that if she started standing up for herself, she’d be in trouble. “

Dr. Ryan eventually folded to the pressure and fixed the implants within the same week. The source said Dr. Ryan felt terrible for this, but he had no choice. The source claims Diddy didn’t comfort her at all, she was just a “doll”.

“He felt bad for her. Cassie was not talking at all. She was crying, visibly traumatized, but she wasn’t saying anything at all and just going along with whatever he said. Privately, Dr. Ryan told me this was mutilation, that I can’t even believe this. He was saying poor Cassie, this is awful.”

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