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Cassie & Diddy Reach A Settlement Reportedly For $100M 



Diddy Settles Lawsuit With Cassie One Day After Lawsuit Was Filed

Diddy Settles Lawsuit With Cassie One Day After Lawsuit Was Filed

Sean “Diddy” Combs’ ex-girlfriend Cassie sued him, earlier this week, alleging abuse, s** trafficking, and r**e.

Well less than 48 hours after she filed the suit, the two sides have settled for an undisclosed financial amount.

According to rumors swirling around,  Diddy was forced to pay Cassie $100 million, in what could be the largest Me Too settlement in history. Diddy’s legal team told the press that – before filing the suit – Cassie was requesting just $30M to settle.

But once the scandalous lawsuit was filed, and the entire internet exploded with their reaction, Diddy was forced to pony up more than 3 times her initial ask. Cassie got the bag.

And by paying the exorbitant fee, Diddy is no longer a billionaire. According to Forbes, Diddy;s net worth – before the settlement – was $1 billion. Now that he forked over nearly one tenth of his wealth to his ex, Diddy’s now worth $900M.

Diddy’s career was facing an existential crisis with the Cassie lawsuit – which alleged alternative LGBTQ+ activity, violence, and general depravity.

Now that the suit is settled, Cassie is forbidden from ever disclosing exactly what happened in their relationship.

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