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Aubrey O’Day On Diddy Rape Accusations: “Been Trynna Tell Y’all for Years”



Aubrey O’Day Reacts To Diddy Rape Accusations

Aubrey O’Day Reacts To Diddy Rape Accusations

Aubrey O’Day has reacted to Cassie’s new lawsuit against Diddy, reminding people that she has been speaking out about Diddy for years.

Aubrey has in the past claimed that Diddy was abusive.

“Diddy would be like, ‘You’re not hot anymore. Like, what happened? You don’t have any curves. I can’t get people to think you’re my good-looking person.’ And there was no #MeToo at that time,” Aubrey said.

She continued, “There was no protecting anyone at that time. You signed a million NDAs and a million contracts that took away your rights.”

More recently, Aubrey revealed she turned down getting her publishing back as Diddy was forcing artists to sign an NDA. She claimed something big was coming and he wanted to stop those he may have wrong from speaking out.

After Cassie’s lawsuit went viral, she posted a screenshot of a Just Jared headline, writing, Been Trynna Tell Y’all for Years.”

Many former Bad Boy artists won’t be able to speak out because of the NDA’s they recently signed.

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