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Missing Man With Down Syndrome Found Six Days After Vanishing 



Missing Man With Down Syndrome

Missing Man With Down Syndrome Found Six Days After Vanishing

A Maryland family can breathe a sigh of relief after their family member who went missing for days was successfully located. Rashawn Williams, 31, was found inside Glenmont Metro Station on Thursday after spending days undetected in a “back room” of the building.

Days earlier, the nonverbal man was staying at a Residence Inn along with members of his group home. A fire had broken out at their facility, prompting them to relocate temporarily.

Williams told his caregivers that he was going to use the bathroom and subsequently vanished for six days. At one point, multiple Metrorail operators noticed the man riding a train back and forth for several hours until it went out of service.

His family frantically searched the DMV area until they received notice that their son was found “safe and unharmed.” Jimmy Hall, Williams’ father, describes the end of the ordeal as a “blessing.” “There are no words that can describe how I feel. None,” he told NBC Washington.

The 31-year-old was initially startled to see his family but began “jumping up and down” with joy, saying “Hi, Daddy” to Hall. The father says his son showed no signs of fear as his only concern was to eat after being dehydrated and hungry for almost a week.

Hall expressed disappointment with the Montgomery County police, saying no progress was made until the special victims unit became involved. “When they took over, that’s when things started going into motion,” he said.

“It’s like my son isn’t important. Imagine he was a senator’s son … or government. They’d have a helicopter. They’d have found him that night,” he said. Williams underwent a hospital evaluation and was not reported to be harmed or negatively affected.

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