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Ex NBA Player Joe Smith Finds Out His Wife Has An OnlyFans



Ex NBA Player Joe Smith Spazzes Out After Finding Out His Wife Has An OnlyFans

Ex NBA Player Joe Smith Spazzes Out After Finding Out His Wife Has An OnlyFans

Former NBA star Joe Smith learned that his wife started a new side hustle, as an On***ans model. And Joe was furious with his wife, Kisha Chavis about it.

Joe got married to Keisha in 2018 and their wedding was televised on the reality TV show, ‘Say Yes to Dress: Atlanta’. She explained it was her choice to have an OnlyFans account, but claimed that she was not having intercourse with anybody.

In a recent video that was posted on YouTube, Kisha is seen with a video showing Smith’s reaction when he found out his wife’s secret.

“I can’t believe I’m sitting here finding out you got an OnlyFans all these years. Disrespect– that you could even talk to me before you did. That’s f*ked up. I’m telling you, that’s f*cked up,” said Smith.

“Look, It’s not f*cked up,” Kisha responded. “So I have an OnlyFans page and he’s mad because he’s just now finding out about it. I’m not doing it with anybody but myself, so why should I have to tell you? My choice, my body. My body, my fcking choice.”

Joe Smith made approximately $67 million during his NBA career. But it appears that he’s spent most of the money. His wife – who claims that she was involved in ad*lt entertainment before they met, has now returned to her old ways – given the couple’s new financial situation.

Well according to Twitter, Joe’s wife used to be a P**n star named Yasmine Pendavis. If you do a quick Google search you’ll see more than you ever wanted of the lady.

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