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Yukmouth Cracked His Ribs & Punctured His Lung In Stage Fall



Yukmouth Suffered Punctured Lung

Rapper Yukmouth Suffered Punctured Lung & Broken Ribs After Falling Off Stage

Popular 1990s rapper Yukmouth recently fell through a hole in a stage while performing and ended up in the hospital.

Video of Yukmouth’s stage accident went viral, and had his fans across social media concerned for his health.

Well the rapper has now detailed the extent of his injuries to the Murder Master Music Show. Yuk said he suffered broken ribs and a punctured lung and is still recovering.

While he’s still recovering, it;’s been a long road. When the accident first hap[ened, Yuk couldn’t breathe or talk

The rapper explained, “Yeah, I’m still recovering, still getting through it. Nasty rib and lung injury. I’m getting over it and feel alot better able to be a little immobilized. Ribs take like 6-8 months to heal, I’m still going through the healing process. Everything looks way better than when it happened, I couldn’t breathe I couldn’t talk.“

He continued, “I took a fall through a hole in the stage at a performance. I cracked my ribs and punctured my lungs. I fell on a metal ladder, hit my ribs on the ladder and fell through the hole in the stage.”

Here’s the full interview:

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