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Two Men Broke Into DDG’s House Just To Slap Him 



DDG Reveals Two Men Broke Into His Home Just To Smack Him

DDG Reveals Two Men Broke Into His Home Just To Smack Him

Rapper DDG is trending after revealing two men broke into his home just to slap him

DDG is one of the most infamous people on the internet. He’s best-known for his on/off relationship with Halle Bailey.

However, there is also his ex, Rubi Rose, who had him in hot water, earlier this year. The Detroit star made his name on social media. While he’s primarily known as a YouTuber, DDG also makes music. But his social media activity keeps him in the headlines.

Recently, he shared a video of guys breaking into his home, and slapping him while he was in bed.

DDG often finds himself trending on social media for the wrong reasons. Despite his immense popularity, as an internet personality, the world seems to be against his relationship.

While DDG is popular, and does numbers, Halle Bailey is a rising superstar. From the way it looks, people have an issue with the two being together. When she did The Little Mermaid, there were comments about DDG being on Disney red carpets.

DDG seems to always have some kind of controversy going on. While this one was serious, it was equally funny at the same time.

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