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Shay Says Amara Is Lying About Never Sleeping With Safaree



Shay Johnson Accuses Amara La Negra Of Lying About Safaree Relationship

Shay Johnson Accuses Amara La Negra Of Lying About Safaree Relationship

Love And Hip Hop Miami star Shay Johnson is calling cap on Amara La Negra’s claims that her relationship with Safaree Samuels was all fake and only for a storyline.

“I don’t like when people take it upon themselves to make PSA announcements in regards to whatever they have going on, ie. Amara,” Shay began.

“But it affects other cast members on the show. She made this weird statement slash announcement that was all cap because she was trying to run from the embarrassment of what’s reality behind what’s happening on the show.”

She continued, “And I understand her not wanting to be embarrassed by situations on the show. I get that. And it’s hard to take accountability and own up to something that you were blindsided by. Amara had mentioned some things about her and Safaree, it’s a fake storyline and blah blah.”

Shay added, “That’s cap. I’m sorry. Hell no, I wasn’t in the bedroom watching Safaree bang Amara’s back in. But I put money on it it was happening.”

Days before, Amara hopped on Instagram Live to claim that she had not been with anybody since the father of her twins.

“Let me put it this way, I’m a pretty smart girl. I believe that I am. I’ve come this far because I think I’m pretty smart. And I get hired to do my job and I do what I have to do. I do it well. We have good ratings. And with that being said, I have accomplished my mission. Now if after that you want to believe whatever it is that you want to believe, that’s on you? You understand?” she said on Instagram Live.

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