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School Teachers Now Use Sexyy Red Lyrics To Teach Students 



School Teacher Trends For Using Sexyy Red's Lyrics To Get Her Students' Attention

Grammar School Teachers Trend For Using Sexyy Red’s Lyrics To Get Students’ Attention

Grammar school teachers in African American neighborhoods across America are using a new tactic to get their classes attention.

The teachers are using lyrics by the popular, and provocative female rapper Sexyy Red – to get their class to focus.

School is now back in session all across the country, and students – especially younger students – are still working through summer attention issues.

And a series of teachers are now using hip hop, and specifically Sexyy Red to help their kids focus. Here’s another one:

The teachers are using lyrics from Sexyy Red’s song SkeeYee. In it, the raucus rapper raps, “If you see me and you’re trying to see what’s up – SKEE YEE.”

For those interested in the rest of the lyrics to the song, being recited by kids as young as 8.

“If you see me and you tryna see what’s up (skee-yee)
He wanna f**k with me, then I’ma have him stuck (skee-yee)
B***h lookin’ bad, and got a stupid butt (skee-yee)
Jewelry on yo’ wrist, f**k it, hold it up (skee-yee)”

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