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Police Looking For Woman Who Shot 5 People After Being Denied Entry Into Bar 



Officials Seeking Woman Who Shot 5 People After Being Denied Entry Into Bar

A woman shot five people outside a well-known Denver bar because she couldn’t get in. The bar is called Whiskey Row and it’s in downtown Denver, reports the New York Post.

The police are still looking for the person who did it. They think the woman might have been trying to shoot the security guards who stopped her from going inside because they believed she was using someone else’s ID.

Instead, she ended up shooting five innocent people who were outside the bar. Luckily, all five of them are expected to survive. A security who worked at a bar across the street heard the gunshots and quickly got everyone inside to keep them safe. He locked the doors and made sure everyone was okay.


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A woman who was waiting in line to go into the bar said that people started screaming and running when they heard the gunshots. She was grateful that she and her friends weren’t hurt; however, individuals behind her group and in front of them were struck. She said it was a scary experience for everyone.

“I’m extremely grateful to be here. And to be OK, and that all of my friends are also OK. But it’s a traumatic experience to go through, especially for the five victims that were hit,” Madison Sharnowski said.

She went on to say that most of the people who got shot were hit in their legs. Sharnowski stayed with a young woman who was struck in the ankle until help arrived.

The police released a picture of the woman they believe is responsible and are offering a $2,000 reward for any information that leads to her arrest.

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