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Kim Kardashian & Odell Beckham Jr. Reportedly Hanging Out



Kim Kardashian & Odell Beckham Jr. Are Hanging Out

Kim Kardashian & Odell Beckham Jr. Are Hanging Out – Reports

It appears as though Kim Kardashian and Odell Beckham Jr. are spending some time together, according to People.

Sources told the outlet that the Baltimore Ravens wide receiver has officially split from longtime girlfriend Lauren Wood.

And with the reality star seemingly single, it’s said the pair have had some time to spark a connection.

As we previously reported, The Mirror claims that they prepped the audience for the reveal mentioning it was an NFL player from the East Coast, and although many thought they were going to reveal it was Tom Brady, they went ahead and began giving clues.

“He plays for the Baltimore Ravens, so that was east coast.” Then later revealed, “It’s Odell Beckham Jr.”

The tipster did not add more information “I don’t have any other information, that is who she has been hanging out with of late and I say very recently, without giving away too much information that I’m not supposed to give away. They were hanging out very recently.”

“I KNEW IT. I’VE SAID FOR MONTHS THAT HER NEXT STEP WAS TO BECOME A WAG,” someone commented, “Honestly this would be hilarious and I hope it’s real.”

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