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Footage Shows 2 TSA Agents Stealing Out Of Passengers’ Bags Inside Miami Airport 



TSA Agents Stealing Out Of Passengers' Bags Inside

Video Surveillance Shows Two TSA Agents Stealing Out Of Passengers’ Bags Inside Miami Airport

Two TSA agents at the Miami airport are behind bars after they were caught stealing out of people’s bag at the security check

According to CBS Miami, The state attorney’s office released several video clips of Josue Gonzalez and Labarrius Williams going through people’s luggage and straight up stealing out of them.

According to the police report, the pair is accused of “…removing $600 from a passenger’s wallet, while the passenger was in the screening process…”. In one of the videos, you can see one of them concentrating on a specific bag, and then moments later, he puts his hands in his pockets.

The police report said they would “…distract passengers as they were being screened to steal money from their belongings…”

Both Gonzalez and Williams were arrested and charged for their crimes back in July, but the state is now releasing the videos to the public.

In a statement, TSA said, “TSA has removed the officers from screening duties pending completion of the investigation and administrative actions.”

It continued, “We actively and aggressively investigated these allegations of misconduct and presented our findings to the Miami Dade Police Department, and are working closely with them. Any employee who fails to meet our fundamental ethical standards is held accountable.”

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