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Doja Cat Disses Nicki Minaj ‘Helga Pataki’ In New Song Snippet 



Doja Cat Seemingly Disses Nicki Minaj In New Song Snippet

Doja Cat Seemingly Disses Nicki Minaj In New Song Snippet

Doja Cat just dropped a Nicki Minaj diss track and she wants the smoke with Nicki, who is regarded as the best female rapper in history.

Yesterday, Doja previewed her new track Skull and Bones on Twitter yesterday and she dissed the hell out of Nicki. And asked Nicki not to mention her name, or else.

Now a bit of background. Cardi B and Nicki Minaj have been feuding now for years. Last week Cardi B gave a new name for Nicki Minaj: Helga Pataki – the main antagonist of Hey Arnold!

This past weekend the two traded shots in a series of social media posts. As a TikToker has pointed out, Cardi and Nicki had some indirect messages for each other too.

“Y’all, the girls are subbing each other on Instagram and Twitter right now,” they teased before spilling the tea. “Nicki posted this photo of Michael Jackson,” he began, reminding viewers that Cardi recently spoke about coming face to face with the “Thriller” singer while getting intimate with her man due to his tribute tattoo in an interview.

This set off a back and forth sub-tweet battle between Cardi and Nick. During the back and forth Cardi B made it clear that she doesn’t speak “dog h**.” The Bronx native also tweeted that Nicki is a “real life Helga Pataki,” which is a character from “Hey Arnold,” who is in love with Arnold but fronts as his enemy.

Now that you got the background. Doja mentioned Helga in her new song, rapping: “You need to mind your business Helga Pataki, ’cause imma do something devilish if you @ me. You too high off that boo boo to unpack me.”

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