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Amy Luciani Reacts To Erica Mena’s Firing From Love & Hip Hop



Amy Luciani Reacts To Erica Mena's Firing From Love & Hip Hop

Amy Luciani Reacts To Erica Mena’s Firing From Love & Hip Hop

Yesterday, Dreddsworld reported that Erica Mena was fired from ‘Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta’ effective immediately after she called Spice a “monkey” on the previous episode of the show.

The Neighborhood Talk spoke to Amy Luciani, a current cast member, and she had a lot to say about Erica and her nasty remarks.

“I believe that Spice and Erica both went low but to resort to a racial slur because you are mad is a slap in my black face and all other black women. I believe Erica is the type of woman who loves black d*** but doesn’t like the black p**** it came out of,” Amy said.

“The word monkey coming out of her mouth is equivalent to a Caucasian saying Nigge* . I’m tired of women cosplaying as black women until they are mad at us.. then we become monkeys and roaches,” she added.

In last weeks episode of Love & Hip Hop, Erica and Spice got into an argument. During the argument, Spice told Erica that her son doesn’t love her. That’s a pretty out of bounds comment.

First, the Puerto Rican firebrand turned over a table and threw bottles at Spice. Then Erica Mena called Spice a “blue monkey.”

Erica’s comments caused outrage across social media, and eventually the producers of the show had to take action.

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