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Woman Called The Cops On Her Sister For Breastfeeding Her Son



Cops Say They Can't Do Anything After Woman Called Them On Her Sister For Breastfeeding Her Baby

Cops Say They Can’t Do Anything After Woman Called Them On Her Sister For Breastfeeding Her Baby

A single mother reportedly called the cops on her sister after catching her breastfeeding her son. The woman, Simone, had to go in for surgery a few weeks after giving birth to baby boy.

Her sister, Phoebe, and her husband offered to watch Simone’s son. The two had recently welcomed a baby boy of their own a few weeks before Simone, and didn’t mind helping her out while she was in the hospital since Simone’s baby father isn’t in the picture.

Upon returning home, after spending three days in the hospital, Simone walked in on her sister breastfeeding her son… instead of her own child.

Now, Simone did admit that she “didn’t have an issue with the situation to begin with,” noting that it “it was probably easier to breastfeed him than make bottle.” Simone felt some type of way about her sister throwing out all of the food, or “garbage”, she purchased for him.

Simone quietly walked to the bathroom and called the police. They told her that there was nothing they could do. When Phoebe found out about the call to police she blew up on Simone because she figured she was helping, rather than doing harm.

Simone said to her, “You dumped 14 cans of formula without even consulting me and currently have nothing to replace it with, just plans to.”

Phoebe proceeded to leave Simone’s place, and block her on everything, Simone claims. Simone also says that her parents even called her a “d***” for calling the police due to Phoebe having a government job which having a record could affect said job as well as the lives of her family.

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