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Woman Arrested For Decapitating Abusive Baby Daddy, Head Still Missing



Woman Arrested For Slicing Off Abusive Boyfriend’s Head After She Refused To Perform On Him

A Las Vegas woman is being accused of slicing off the head of her boyfriend after he attempted to force her to perform a sexual act on him.

According to the Daily Mail, 45-year-old Devyn Michaels has been charged with open murder for beheading her boyfriend, Jonathan Willette, after his body was found in their bed by his mother.

Devyn initially denied the claims that she killed Jonathan before admitting to the crime, stating that she struck him in the back of the head with a wooden stick after refusing to engage in s* x with him.

She also claimed he abuses her and his eldest son as well as her intention to only hurt him enough to send him to the hospital while she figured out a plan for the children. She alleges that, in addition to the abuse Jonathan inflicted onto her and his son, Jonathan would have his eldest son shower in front of him.

Jonathan’s mother says that she last saw her son with Devyn around 10pm on August 6th. Then, around 1am on August 7th, his mother noticed Devyn was downstairs washing dishes, claiming to her that Jonathan was drunk and had went to sleep. Devyn allegedly also mentioned that she and Jonathan had plans to register their kids into school the next morning.

However, the mother woke up the next morning as says she noticed the dogs that Jonathan own were locked out of the house and that her son’s car was still parked out front, indicating he hadn’t left yet. This when she went to check on him and discover his headless body in the bed.

Devyn never admitted to the decapitation and it remains unsolved if police have located Jonathan’s head.

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