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Whoopi Goldberg Says She’s Not A Lesbian



Whoopi Goldberg Speaks On Her Sexuality, Says She's Not Gay

Whoopi Goldberg Speaks On Her Sexuality, Says She’s Not Gay

During a visit to Raven Symone’s podcast, Whoopi Goldberg cleared up rumors about her sexuality.

“Honestly, when I was around you, I loved you so much, like I just wanted to be up underneath the t—- the whole time,” Raven joked. “But that’s also because you just kind of gave me lesbian vibes!”

Whoopi responded, “Women have been asking me this for as long as I’ve been around, I am not a lesbian. But I know lots of them, and I’ve played them on television.”

Whoopi says she’s even had to set firm boundaries with her lesbian friends.

“I’ll tell them, ‘I’m not gonna kiss you, but I’ll kiss you over here, I’ll do this, but I’m not going to do this’… and they’re like, ‘OK!’” she explained.

Raven’s wife Miranda added, “I think this is a secret fantasy of Raven’s. I think she just wants everybody to be gay and she’s just really hoping you’ll come out right here, right now.”

In an old interview, Whoopi revealed her ex husband didn’t notice she doesn’t have eyebrows. “I was married to a man who did not notice until one day he said, ‘Oh my god, you don’t have any eyebrows,’ and I said, ‘Yeah, I know.”

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