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Villagers In Peru Say They Were Attacked By 7-Ft Tall Face-Eating Aliens



Villagers In Peru Claim They Were Attacked By 7-Ft Tall Face-Eating Aliens

Villagers In Peru Claim They Were Attacked By 7-Ft Tall Face-Eating Aliens

Reports of ‘seven-foot-tall aliens’ terrorizing villagers in Peru stunned the world this week, with local leaders describing the ‘armored’ and ‘floating’ menaces as impervious to bullets.

The locals also compared their attackers to ‘green goblins’ and local Peruvian superstitions about ‘los Pelacaras,’ (‘the Face Peelers’) ― but now Peruvian law enforcement has offered a new suspect.

Illegal gold-mining crime syndicates, they said, are to blame: branches of the storied drug cartels like Brazil’s ‘O Primeiro Comando da Capital,’ Colombia’s ‘Clan del Golfo,’ FARC, and others who have ravaged Latin America for decades. Peru’s National Prosecutor’s Office, which is now investigating the ‘alien attacks,’ has pointed the finger at these gold ‘mafias,’ who have been partially ejected from Brazil and Colombia by their militaries.

Now in Peru, these jetpack-flying gold cartels hope to inspire fear with their bizarre campaign of ‘alien’ terror, according to prosecutors, keeping the locals in their homes and away from the cartels’ illegal gold pits.

Prosecutors suspect that these illegal mining cartels first used their jetpacks to prospect for gold deeper into the unforgiving jungles surrounding Peru’s Nanay river. Members of Peru’s small Ikitu population are surrounded by dense jungle in rural Alto Nanay, where gold has deposited itself like silt into the riverbeds along the Nanay river tributaries that flow into the Amazon.

The Ikitu told reporters that this summer’s ‘alien’ siege began on July 11, with locals facing vicious attacks by flying, 7-foot-tall mysterious beings in dark-colored hoods ever since. ‘These gentlemen are aliens,’ one Ikitu leader, Jairo Reátegui Ávila, told the local broadcaster Radio Programas del Perú (RPP). ‘I have shot him twice and he does not fall.’

The illegal mining cartel was using propellers and high-tech equipment, according to this teacher, Cristian Caleb Pacaya, and other prosecution witnesses. Peruvian law enforcement have described the devices as ‘jetpacks.’ ‘They would be using state-of-the-art technology, such as thrusters that allow people to fly.’

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