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Top 10 Best Automotive Technician Trade Schools For 2023



Top 10 Best Automotive Technician Trade Schools For 2023

Best Automotive Technician Trade Schools For 2023

Automotive technology is in all places, from automobiles that aid daily commute to diesel trucks that keep the supply chain going. Automotive Technicians are trained experts who have the knowledge and skills needed to diagnose, repair, and maintain automobiles. They have received trainings to use specialized equipment to diagnose problems within a vehicle’s systems.

Automotive technicians have in-depth knowledge about how the various systems within cars function and the tools and skills to detect and solve any automobile issues. You can check out list of top 6 best automotive technician training programs.

It’s compulsory for a service professional to pass an Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification test and get two years of on-the-job-training or one year of training and also an associate degree in automotive repair to be qualified for ASE certification.

ASE certification is the chosen merit credential for automotive service technicians and mechanics. Technicians with an ASE certification show their expertise in auto service and repair. In general, this certification increases salary and also expectations. You can also check out 6 steps on how to become an ASE certified automotive technician.


Top 10 Best Automotive Technician Trade Schools

The best automotive technician schools give a broad in scope tertiary education and brace students to diagnose, service, and maintain automobiles. Majority of experts will find career opportunities in auto dealerships and individualistic repair shops. Managers and employers also consider automotive service technicians with postsecondary education and career requirements, as well as certification.

Implementing data and programmatic insights from the National Center for Education Statistics and the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System, this top 10 ranking methodology use these benchmark: practical excellence, different courses offered, faculty quality, institution awards and rep.


1. Ferris State University (FSU), Michigan

FSU is among the oldest institutes offering accredited undergraduate and graduate programs. Ferris State University’s associate of applied science degree comprises of 550 hours hours of hands-on-job that’ll prepare students for the automotive service industry.

FSU has a broad curriculum from which students can benefit, ranging from diagnosis, calibration, dynamometer to emissions testing, and more. The University has obtained regional accreditation from the higher learning commission. Also, their automotive engineering technology bachelor’s and automotive service technology associate’s degrees are accredited by ABET and NATEF respectively.

In order to get an admission in any automotive technology degrees at FSU, candidates have to submit their high school transcripts and SAT/ACT scores.  Initially, Ferris State University began as an industrial school in 1884 before becoming a developed state university in 1987.


2. University of Northwestern Ohio (UNOH)

University of Northwestern Ohio was established in 1920 and has since been a force to reckon with in automotive, diesel, and high-performance industries education. Approximately 4,000 students enroll at University of Northwestern Ohio every year year.

The University offers diplomas, associate degrees, and bachelor’s degrees in automotive technology and as well automotive technology supervision. The bachelor’s programs include 70 percent hands-on-job training to provide students with access to the latest in automotive equipment and tools.

Automotive technology learners can have a centre of attention on diesel, high-performance motorsports, robotics and automation, and alternative fuels. Aspirants are mandatory to provide transcripts from high school or previous college coursework before they can be considered. UNOH received its accreditation regionally from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).


3. New England Institute of Technology, Rhode Island

New England Institute of Technology takes the 3rd spot with their Automotive Service Excellence-approved curriculum and multiple industry partnerships, the New England Institute of Technology is at the top in automotive service technology programs.

The National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF) have given New England Institute of Technology a Master Certification. They also partake in the Ford Maintenance and Light Repair (MLR) program, Mopar Career Automotive Program (CAP) LOCAL curriculum, and also the Subaru University program.

Students will learn the theory of operation, design, and servicing methods with the aid of recent industry standards and cutting-edge diagnostic equipment. Furthermore, learners who complete an associate’s degree at the institute are also eligible to further for bachelor’s in automotive management or business management.


Top 10 Best Automotive Technician Trade Schools


4. University of Central Missouri (UCM), Missouri

UCM is one of the largest universities offering over 150 educational programs for more than 12,300 learners on its campus. The bachelor’s degree program gives candidates the chance to specialize in automotive technology, design technology, or service management according to their interests.

Learners have the opportunity to choose a minor in auto tech, where they can learn the basics of engine fixing, design engineering, and auto service management.

The name was last changed in 1972 when it became the Central Missouri State University, before finally adopting the name UCM in 2006.

5. Montana State University Northern (MSUN)

Montana State University Northern offers 35 undergraduate and graduate programs to its approximately 1,100 applicants. MSUN was established in 1929 as one of four schools in Montana State University System.

The University offers undergraduate and graduate programs in automotive technology and diesel technology. The graduate programs includes additional options to specialize in equipment or field management.

An automotive technology student can complete an accelerated program to obtain an associate degree in just 15 months. Students in general can brave up for careers as technicians, managers, and corporate reps.

The National Automotive Technicians Foundation gave accreditation to the applied associate of science degree and the bachelor of science degrees in automotive technology at MSUN while the Northwest Commission on Colleges And Universities (NWCCU) regionally gave accreditation to Montana State University Northern.


6. McPherson College (MC), Kansas

McPherson College has solidified itself as a huge force in automotive restoration technology. The college offers an unparalleled bachelor’s degree in automotive restoration where learners can select from five specializations, such as historic vehicles, communication, design, technology, and management.

Students can also work at the garage at the college, which has ten laboratories for learners. McPherson College has an assigned space for chassis repair, paint tech, woodworking, electrical systems, and sheet metals, allowing students learn all the gradation of automotive fixing and restoration.


7. Weber State University (WSU)

Weber State University has approximately 30,000 applicants, offering more than 225 undergraduate and graduate degrees. WSU has three automotive service technology programs.

The associate of applied science in automotive service technology is made up of 63-67 credits, on the other hand, the bachelor’s degree is made up of 125-126 credits. Weber State University also gives a 16-credit certificate of proficiency in automotive service technology.

Bachelor’s degree students have an opportunity to focus in field service operations or advanced vehicle systems, with more alternative for two major in any combination of field operations, advanced vehicle systems, and professional sales. Weber State University’s automotive service technology programs obtained its accreditation by the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation.

WSU obtained its regional accreditation by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU).


8. Northwest Iowa Community College (NCC)

NCC offers an broad range of automotive programs for aspirants. The transportation department offers three associate of applied science degrees in automotive and light-duty diesel technology, heavy equipment operation and maintenance, and as well diesel technology.

Every specialty at Northwest Iowa Community College provides a one of a kind curriculum where learners can partake in required diagnostic training shop management programs and acquire knowledge on the maintenance and repair of cars, trucks, trailers, and agricultural tools.

The machinery program bring about tractors, loading equipment, and heavy transportation machines.


9. Southern Adventist University

Founded by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Southern Adventist University provides undergraduate and graduate programs buttressed by its beliefs. Southern home over 2,600 enrollees annually.

Southern automotive technology programs comes with a certificate, an associate degree, and a bachelor’s degree. The University boasts of a full-service automotive shop on campus where students are opportuned to apply their knowledge and skills practically.

Learners have the opportunity to obtain associate of technology degrees in two years or bachelor of technology degrees in four years. The University’s automotive technology programs brace students to take certification exams provided by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.

Southern Adventist University obtained its regional accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).

10. Lincoln College of Technology, Texas

Lincoln Tech is a popular name in the United States of America, with a reputation for its high-quality education and extensive hands-on-job training.

Lincoln College of Technology’s Grand Prairie Campus at Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, has over 60 welding booths, manufacturer-specific training fields, standard tools, and completely developed auto and diesel bays.

Aspirants can also partake in the BMW STEP and MINI STEP programs, where they get the opportunity to get into the specifics of automotive maintenance for BMW and MINI. Learners have the chance to select from temporary job-oriented programs, technical diplomas, or associate’s degree programs. Lincoln Tech boasts of campuses at more than 20 locations all over the 12 states.


Top 10 Best Automotive Technician Trade Schools

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