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Tony Yayo Takes Credit For Starting The BBL Movement



Tony Yayo Wants The Props For The First Ever BBL In Hip-Hop

Tony Yayo Wants The Props For The First Ever BBL In Hip-Hop

Tony Yayo says he’s the reason for all of the BBL’s in Hip-Hop after featuring one of the hottest video vixens in his Straigth Stuntin’ magazine.

“It was to the point where the [music video] director put the Dominican joint — ’cause you know [in] New York we got bad Dominicans, bad Puerto Ricans — they would put them in the joint,” said Yayo.

“I’m like, ‘I might want some chocolate with the fatty in my sh-t.’ So it came to a point where I’m like, ‘Listen, man. I gotta have this in my video.’ That’s why in ‘So Seductive’ I had Buffie the Body. She was the first BBL you seen in your life.”

He continued, “So when you think about it, I started the BBL movement! Give me my props! I started the BBL movement. I did! Not me personally, but I started the movement … That was ’04, ’05, ’06.”

Yayo added, “Slay was rocking hard, but I put that sh-t on the forefront with the video ‘So Seductive.’ That was the fattest ass you seen, shout out to Buffie.”

Buffie has left her video vixen days behind her and is now a mother with a booming health and fitness career.

Fans have since been reacting to Tony Yayo’s claims. “Of all the things to take credit for,” someone commented. “Buffie is Down South natural bruh, we been seeing women like that down here forever, every big booty black woman don’t have a cyborg b**ty,” another person wrote.

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