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Styles P Responds To Biggie’s Ex Manager York Over Trump Drama



Biggie Smalls Ex Manager Jacob York Calls Styles P Out Over Trump Comments

Styles P Responds To Biggie Smalls’ Former Manager Jacob York Over Trump Drama

Styles P responded to Jacob York, the former manager of Biggie Smalls who called him out over his recent comments about preferring when Donald Trump was in office.

“I’ve been called a lot of things in my life. I’ve never been called disingenuous. Normally, the old me would have gotten mad. I didn’t even get mad,” Styles said.

“That’s how he feel, so I didn’t even choose to get mad. But here’s how I choose to see it: Touré asked me about the presidency. See, Jacob put the video like I choose Trump over Biden. I said I preferred Trump over Biden because I like to deal with my racism straight up.”


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He continued: “When Trump was in office, you spoke about racism with your white co-worker. You spoke about racism at your barbershop. You knew your enemy was there. Whether you have a loud racist or a quiet racist, they’re both racist.”

Styles is responding to York’s social media post where he said: “Styles is my boy so no disrespect to him. This argument is bullsh-t. At the end of the day, the logic that I would want a racist with his finger on the trigger, then someone who may be racist and I don’t know?”

“That’s the craziest sh-t. It’s like saying I want a gun to my face then maybe there being a possibility that someone drive by and shoot me.”

York added, “Nah, I don’t want either, right? At the end of the day, a lot of especially Black men that come from the hood in a certain age group are still shell shocked. They hide their misogyny and their bigotry behind this illusion that they’re intellectuals because they succeeded, right?”


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