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Scientists Discover The Elusive ‘Demon Particle’ Decades After It Was Predicted



Scientists Discover The Elusive 'Demon Particle' Decades After It Was First Predicted

Scientists Discover The Elusive ‘Demon Particle’ Decades After It Was First Predicted

Researchers unveil ‘demon particle’ that can lead to making superconductors 70 years after it was first predicted, scientists discover the elusive particle which can form at any temperature as it has no mass

Researchers at the University of Illinois recently discovered a demon particle that could lead to the making of superconductors that can operate in room temperature, according to the Daily Mail.

This massless particle, termed as the holy grail of superconductors, was discovered nearly 70 years after ‘demons’ were first predicted.


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This discovery was made by a team of researchers led by Peter Abbamonte, a professor of physics at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, who identified Pines’ prediction while studying the metal strontium ruthenate.

The prediction of demon particle was first made by theoretical physicist David Pines in 1956, who believed that electrons would behave strangely when passed through a solid.

Electric interactions make electrons combine to form collective units. This can make them lose individuality in solids. However, with such a large mass, plasmons cannot form with energies available in room temperature.

Pines said that there is an exception to that. Since demons do not contain mass, they can form with any energy and in room temperatures as well.

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