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Man Viciously Tased While Being Held At Gunpoint On His Doorstep



Man Viciously Tased While Being Held At Gunpoint On His Doorstep

Robbers Tased Man While Holding Him At Gunpoint On His Doorstep

Doorbell footage captured a man being held at gunpoint then tased shortly after on his doorstep in South Seattle—the man’s wife claims they were reportedly followed by the suspects before the armed robbery occurred.

In the video, two masked men can be seen walking up and ambushing the man with guns. After cornering him for a quick second, the second gunman tases the man to the ground.

The two linger for a moment, waiting for the man to hand over the ring on his finger. After a failed attempt at getting the jewellery, they finally leave.

According to KOMO news, the unidentified man’s wife claims her husband was stalked and then followed home. She believed they’d been watching the couple shop at King Plaza, then followed them to the home about a mile and a half away in Beacon Hill.

The wife also revealed the thieves got away with a gold chain, wallet, and car keys.

Deputy of the Seattle Police Department, Judianna Gilman, stated she believes the individuals responsible for on-going crime in the neighborhood are teenagers. “We’re seeing it’s a group of three to seven black males in their teens,” she said. “The suspects are armed.”

Seattle law enforcement are still investigating the incident.

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